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Spiritual seminar trip to Chartres.
Strengthen your own power fields and use the curative energies of the cathedral.

The Cathedral of Chartres has been a sacred site for centuries. Pilgrims came to this place to experience healing of body, mind and soul. The crypt of the cathedral has a fountain whose spring water played a significant role in the medieval medical treatment.

In the nave of the cathedral a labyrinth is located, which was built in 1200 and is preserved in its original form and accessible for visitors. Only one way leads to the flower shaped centre - A symbol for the way to ones inner core.

The vibrations in the centre of the labyrinth are comparable to those of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The conscious inspection of this labyrinth will be a very important experience for each individual in the seminar.

We start the day with a meditation followed by two seminar units; it is about the approval of the female power within us, the recognition of this uniqueness and finding and exploring of the untouched facets of this power. The highly energetic vibrating sites of the cathedral will be given a great deal of attention during these days and everyone will find their own place of power. We visit the crypt and spend time in the interior of the cathedral, we open ourselves to the energies of the place and let this affect us, we allow the silence to speak and absorb the healing flux.

If you have the desire to open up to the gift of the cosmic field of Chartres, to push forward to the depths of your own soul and to experience healing, this seminar is right for you: look forward to days that connect you profoundly with the female power and the vibrations of the cosmos.

The enchanting city Chartres is surrounded by beautiful crop fields and is reached by train from Paris in 40min. The cathedral is located at the highest point of Chartres. The city has 40,000 inhabitants and is a real jewel with its medieval streets and the French flair along the River Eure.

The hotel:
Our hotel is a pilgrim hotel, located just 3 minutes from the Cathedral. We are accommodated in single rooms in order to provide you with enough time for individual retreat and processing.

 Hotellerie Saint Yves 
1 rue Saint Eman 
F-28000 Chartres (France)

Costs of the seminar:
Seminar fee: € 695,00

Double room € 70,50 / night /room; plus breakfast € 11,- / night / person

Included: tourist tax, use of the seminar room
Not included are: travel expenses, meals and entrance fees

The arrival and departure are organized by each participant individually (I lam happy to provide tips).

Max. Number of participants:
10 participants

Seminar trip to Chartres - Participants' Feedback

Ich würde das Seminar weiterempfehlen ...

"... weil alles so super organisiert ist, dass ich mich wohlgefühlt habe. Es war eine tolle Erfahrung in jeder Hinsicht Wenn jemand den geistig, spirituellen Weg einschlägt, und sich darauf einlässt, bringt Chartres eine enorme Bewusstseinserweiterung"

Ich würde das Seminar weiterempfehlen ...

"... weil das seminar aus so vielen wunderbaren Komponenten zusammengesetzt ist, dass jeder seinen teil findet. Sei es die Klarheit im Herzen, die man bei der Begehung des Labyrinthe über sich selber und seinen weg in die Zukunft empfindet, sei es die Kathedrale selbst, das Zusammensein mit Menschen. Mir ist wieder viel klarer geworden, wie facettenreich...

Ich würde das Seminar weiterempfehlen ...

"... Weil es mich schnell und immer wieder an meine innersten Themen gebracht hat. Wegen der liebevollen und klaren Präsenz von Carolin."

Was ich sonst noch sagen wollte:

Der Ort, die Kathedrale, die Themen die angesprochen werden und die kleine Gruppengröße waren wunderbar.

Carolin hat

... auf ihre unnachahmliche geerdete und doch so weise Art für jeden den richtigen Ton gefunden und berührt. Sie kann sehr gut erklären, worum es in der Tiefe geht.

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