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Weekend seminar in Austria: Living your own strength

Strengthening your own power and continuing to flourish, that is the topic of this seminar.
It is all in us and already there, waiting to be seen and acknowledged. Nothing should be made more perfect in the outside.
Often, the force in us is blocked. Discovering and releasing these barriers inside is the first step.
Then it is about finding the treasures in you, recognizing them, and then living them powerfully as your own expression.
In that I support you.

With max. 10 participants, we will find ourselves in our dignity, clarity, love and wisdom and accept and learn our own strength and bring it into our own lives.
I work with written tasks, film sequences and many guided exercises, as well as individual and group work in conversation and short lectures, in order to get in touch with oneself and our own strengths. Moreover, I give a lot of tips to work on these topics in your own time.

Life should be fun!

I look forward to meeting you!

A special place - surrounded by nature and very protected:
Exerzitienhaus der Marienschwestern vom Karmel
Fischereckstraße 23
A-4645 Grünau/Almtal

Seminar Costs
Seminar: € 350,-
Single Room approx. € 60,- incl. Full Pension/night

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Power Seminars - Participants' Feedback

"... weil es gut tut, sich, sich um sich selbst zu kümmern und sich mehr und mehr erkennt und Dinge entdeckt, die sich gut verstecken"
"... weil es so intensiv war, dass ich mich nicht entziehen konnte"

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