• Journey Therapy by Brandon Bays
  • Journey Therapy by Brandon Bays

    To get a better understanding through hindsight and move on with a new empowered perspective

The Intelligence of the cells

The body knows exactly what it´s doing.

"I have dedicated my life to the study of matter. It does not exist.
Everything is caused by a force, in which an intelligent spirit lies."

This statement by Max Plank dates back to 1917. And it's true; the body has its own spirit. We are looking for the miracle cure in the laboratory, but what's really needed is the ability to achieve this miracle cure ourselves. The key to this is the body's intelligence. It lies in every cell of our body. It is superior to anything we can replace from the outside and it is more important than the matter of the body. Without it, matter is directionless, formless and chaotic.

Cell biology
The cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton writes that the cell functions are primarily controlled through their interaction with their environment and not by its genetic code1. His revolutionary approach in the 1970s encountered rejection, because he  turned genetics upside down. Today modern biology recognizes that the conscious mind is the real control instrument.

1 Lipton, Ph.D.Bruce: Intelligente Zellen. Burgrain, 3.Auflage 2007, S.84

Journey - Participants' Feedback

"Die Journey mit Carolin war eine tiefe und transformierende Erfahrung. Sie hat mir genau das gegeben, was ich in diesem Moment auf meinem Weg brauchte. Ich fühle mich viel freier, offener und mental auf einem guten Weg. Ich habe Werkzeug in die Hand bekommen das mir hilft, mein Leben anders zu denken und die Zukunft neu zu gestalten."
"Ich bin so unendlich dankbar, deinen Vortrag gehört zu haben und eine Journey gemacht zu haben. Es hat sich in diesem Jahr alles wie von selbst zum Positiven entwickelt. Ich fühle mich sehr gut, bin so lebensfroh, habe Ängste, Zweifel abwerfen können und bin überzeugt, dass sich meine Zellen umprogrammiert haben!"

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