• Journey Therapy by Brandon Bays
  • Journey Therapy by Brandon Bays

    To get a better understanding through hindsight and move on with a new empowered perspective

The Journey Process

My new Pathway. The Way forward.

Consciousness changes matter
Brandon Bays has set an example with the healing of her tumour: Uncovering and transforming the traumatic experiences stored in our cells is essential to our survival. However, not only terrible experiences play a role, above all it is about the small everyday disappointments that can lead us to great discoveries.

Restructure old beliefs
We are looking for recognition in the outside- often in the mistaken belief that we lack something. We strive for success or sink into depression and create our disordered self- images. Layer by layer negative emotions accumulate around us and form the so-called pain body, as referred to by Eckhard Tolle. Hidden among them: limitless potential. During the Journey process we use the body wisdom to lead us exactly to this source, and become one with this infinite and perfect potential within us. Old beliefs and conditionings, such as " I 'm unlovable," " I will never succeed " etc. loses the power over us. As in the Journey process, we are guided by our body wisdom and discover answers and truths that can guide us on the path of natural healing from the inside.

When I discovered the Journey in 2002, I lived in England and decided to do a training by Brandon Bays. I am qualified as a Journey Practitioner and have since used this method with great success with adults, adolescents and children in individual sessions. I work in my practice in Berlin, Hamburg/Bremen and Linz/Gmunden (Austria), as well as in Stockholm.

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Journey - Participants' Feedback

"Die Journey mit Carolin war eine tiefe und transformierende Erfahrung. Sie hat mir genau das gegeben, was ich in diesem Moment auf meinem Weg brauchte. Ich fühle mich viel freier, offener und mental auf einem guten Weg. Ich habe Werkzeug in die Hand bekommen das mir hilft, mein Leben anders zu denken und die Zukunft neu zu gestalten."
"Ich bin so unendlich dankbar, deinen Vortrag gehört zu haben und eine Journey gemacht zu haben. Es hat sich in diesem Jahr alles wie von selbst zum Positiven entwickelt. Ich fühle mich sehr gut, bin so lebensfroh, habe Ängste, Zweifel abwerfen können und bin überzeugt, dass sich meine Zellen umprogrammiert haben!"

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