• Executive Coaching
  • Executive Coaching

    Becoming responsible leaders not only for yourself, but also,for your family, employees, the firm and the customers

Coaching for executives - individually or in a team

  • Are you professionally before the start of a new career or at a crossroad?
  • Do you want the right work-life balance?
  • Do you want to develop yourself and take everything with you?
  • What can you do to prevent a burnout?

For this, I have developed the "executive coaching", which goes over a period of 8 weeks.

Working day in "success-accustomed times":
Many professionals experience how it is to be overburdened, to be burned-out, stressed and deeply fatigued.

And in times of crisis?
Perhaps some may long for the exhortation and the stress of the normal times. Instead: fear, uncertainty and seized with panic, to no longer be the master of your own balance.

From the "top performer" to the leaf in the storm. This could describe this game in the global crisis. But there are two sides that work together: the uncertainties and crises of the professional environment - the storm - but also the lack of balance in one's own person, the inner blockades, the small and great despair - the swirling leaf. This makes it difficult to remain efficient and powerful.

Thus, in everyday business, an illusion of mastery, security and power is often built up. A façade that threatens to collapse at any moment.

Balance and peace is what people long for. A confident performance, strength and joy in the challenges is what people desire in their workday. And a calm handling of critical phases in life is what people dream of.

Due to external environmental conditions and a frequently changing competitive situation, executives are confronted with many new challenges. It is no longer appropriate to manage companies, only in rigid hierarchies, because communication over the different hierarchies can distort too much information and slow down the decision process. Consequently, the management is endeavoring to provide new methods of staff management, e.g. OpenSpace, top job surveys, development of an employee model, etc.

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