• Executive Coaching
  • Executive Coaching

    Becoming responsible leaders not only for yourself, but also,for your family, employees, the firm and the customers

Executive coaching. Framework and objectives.

The goals of the coaching are:

a) Sharpening of the perception for the interests of the individual direct employees
b) Sharpening of the holistic view
c) Review the way in which one operates and, where appropriate, the language used
d) Identifying ways of resolving conflicting goals (a large time consumption of the career at the workplace, the needs of the family, needs for personal balance and sport)

The coaching puts emphasis on capturing the personal situation of the coaching participant and to tailor the coaching program individually to the personal needs.

In the coaching, it is very important to understand that the program is a help for self-help. The coaching participant gets more deeply into the contact with himself through the different exercises and old entered patterns can thus come to the day and be brought into consistency.

Accompanied by the coach, the coaching participant devotes himself to the central themes of his life within and outside the workplace. He understands on a deeper level the laws of a effective self-control and will actively integrate them in the working day. Physical health also has its place, as well as trust in success and honesty and openness in communicating with yourself and your confidante.

The benefit of coaching is that the coaching participant can figure out how to solve the various conflicts of goals in his life, what things are personally important to him, how he can live more consciously and perceive the responsibility more holistically, how he respects his own needs and how he can experience more joy in life.

In doing so, care is taken to discover personal and professional conditionings and blockades and to eliminate these in the coaching process.

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