• Carolin Maass.
  • Carolin Maass.

    "Kraftvolles Handwerkszeug sammeln, sich orientieren, den Fokus auf Veränderung halten"

  • My Work

    My passion: Life in Balance

    Satisfaction and Happiness
    Satisfaction and happiness: both are the result of a well-balanced life. A life in balance. Through my qualifications and trainings and not at least the school of life, I have developed a power that helps people to achieve just that: a life in balance. After all these years of experience and feedback of my clients, I dare to say that I can feel people, far beyond the commonly held knowledge about people.

    Sensing people's blockages with respect
    A path into the life in balance requires a lot of trust. Trust in our own power and in those, who accompany us along the way. Because we often have to go beyond our own limits- and that demands a lot of courage. I bring personal and unrestricted  trust and respect to each individual's process.

    Exceed boundaries
    Yes, to exceed boundaries but still remain grounded. Remain in the daily life. Not losing the connection. That is my way for you. Your courage, to leave your comfort zone will pay off.

    Lets not question the why, as it is the view into the past.
    Rather ask about the how. That way, we are closer to the solution.

    My work - my challenge
  • My curriculum

    Carolin Maaß. Get to know me.

    Born in 1958, studied in Berlin and Hamburg (English, Geography and Education), MA, school teacher, married and mother of two children.

    My stations:

    First Station: Dedicated to children
    As a teacher I gained a lot of experience in dealing with learning difficulties or behavioural problems. Here my CD was created "Come we find your treasure", with which children can perform child-friendly relaxation exercises after they have worked with me.

    Second Station: Turning inward to accompany others
    Inspired by my own search for my inner source, my journey begins back in the 80s, when I was taught by different teachers and coaches and learnt of the spiritual laws of life. I did a two-year training in energy work and spiritual life and learned to implement them and bring them into everyday life. In 2002, I did a training by Brandon Bays in London to become an accredited Journey Practitioner.

    Third Station: Self-employment as a logical consequence
    I worked in my private practice in London for five years, where I led individual sessions and group classes in meditation, gave life coaching and self-esteem training, thought relaxation techniques and did Journey sessions for adults, teenagers and children. Since 2005 I have a practice in Berlin. I regularly am in Hamburg/Bremen, Linz and Gmunden (in Austria) and work in Stockholm. In addition to individual sessions I give talks and offer workshops for children and adults, as well as seminar trips.

    Further trainings and acquired additional skills in:

    • Creative Theatre „Jeux Dramatique“
    • NLP
    • Kinesiology
    • Energy work and meditation
    • Quantum Entrainment by Frank Kinslow
    My curriculum
  • My Work

    A modular Offer. And a very individual one.

    My personal journey has included training in a varied spectrum of disciplines. This provides me with a wide range of skills with which I can support people to achive their goals: „A life in Balance". Because as it is known the way to the goal has many paths, probably as many as there are personalities. Therefore you can find a selection of topics, with which I have had very good experiences. Get yourself into it. Get into the module in which you see yourself most likely.
    I look forward to meeting you!

    Focus of my work

    Special seminar topics such as:

    • To live the female power
    • The relationship to parents
    • The power to change anything
    • Children seminars and Jeux Dramatiques

    You will also benefit from various experiences with the most precious we have, namely our children. Feel free to call me.

    You are very welcome to use my competences in accompanying cancer patients. More, I gladly accompany the last path of a person. During a phone call I am happy to discuss further details and answer any of your questions.

    My offer - individual
  • My work opens many doors.

    Who I would like to support:

    Women: Free yourself from the spiral of multiple burdens.
    Work, family, household? Especially one thing remains neglected: the I AM. Find the often long and curvy path to it. Find the path through your daily personal challenges. Let yourself be accompanied on the journey to yourself.

    Children: Encountering the demands of today..
    My multiple years of experience with children shows, their playful way of dealing and their fantasy, make working with the self much easier. Children still have an easy access to their inner source. To unleash this treasure I'm happy to help. Towards a harmonious family, a heightened self-esteem or improved learning success!

    Men: Job and Personality: Only strong in harmony..
    The personal development will decide our long-term, and above all happy existence. Private and at work. Especially the professional success is greatly dependent on the acting of our personality. Get a deeper insight into your strengths, and find the key to your own potential. As your coach I gladly accompany you and look forward to meeting you!

    Companies: Successful leaders have a clear vision of the future and the path to take there..
    In order to achieve advantages in the competition, it is nowadays more than ever necessary to not only play off the strengths of other companies, but to combine the individual strengths of your team players. Internally motivating, externally customer- and competitive-oriented: that is how a strategy develops into a formula for success. Make use of my international experiences, also in multilingual teams.

    My target group

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